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Pre-Trial Criminal Diversion

"An Alternative To Prosectuion"


Pre-Trial Diversion is a program offered to certain adult and juvenile first time misdemeanor offenders who qualify for participation. This is an alternative to prosecution in which participants receive counseling, alcohol and drug rehabilitation and referral to other community agencies as is appropriate.


The Purpose of the Program to intervene in an attempt to deter future criminal behavior; to assist in the collection of restitution owed to victims; and to assist the courts by allotting more time for the prosecution of more serious offenses.

Eligibility Criteria: certain first time adult and juvenile misdemeanor offenders. DWI’s and domestic battery are not eligible.


Participant selection is made by an Assistant District Attorney after a criminal record check and victim and law enforcement notification and approval.


Advantages to defendant: this is a strictly voluntary participation by the defendant. The advantages are:

o To avoid a criminal conviction which could impact their future;

o Allows opportunity to make adjustments in lifestyle which has brought them to the attention of the legal community;

o To minimize family and employment disruptions;

o Lessens the financial impact of fines and cost of court;

o Special services are provided by various organizations within the community to assist with the rehabilitation/awareness process;

o Upon successful completion, charges will be dismissed.


Enrollment process begins with a letter from the Director setting an initial meeting. Program explanations, requirements and expectations are thoroughly discussed. The defendant then makes the decision to participate in the program or continue with court proceedings.


The length of the program depends upon the seriousness of the offense, participate attitude and how well the participant meets the goals of the program. This is determined by the Director.


Upon satisfactorily completion of the program, the pending charge(s) is dismissed.


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