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 District Attorney

Third Judicial District


Child Support Program

The Child Support Program strives to improve the quality of life for children and reduce the cost of welfare. If a child needs financial and medical support from an absent parent, the Program may be able to help. It provides services to assist in establishing paternity, locating the parent, and establishing child support orders.  Support Enforcement Services are available for applicants who receive:


• Foster Care cases, also known as IV-E cases (foster care cases in which the child received or may have been eligible for AFDC when he or she was judicially removed from the home)

• Non-IV-E Medicaid, and

• Non-AFDC Medicaid

The same services are also available to applicants who are not on any of the above forms of assistance and who pay a one-time $25.00 application fee.  These cases are called non-AFDC cases.  Additionally, a non-resident applicant who applies for services through the IV-D agency in his state is also eligible for assistance from the Louisiana IV-D Program


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